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Unlocking the Mysteries of Your Life Path with Nadi Astrology

Embark on a transformative journey with the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology. Our expert, Umang Taneja, offers enlightening insights through personalized horoscope readings. Discover the power of Nadi Astrology—a system renowned for its precision and depth. Each free horoscope is meticulously crafted, revealing the intricate planetary positions at your birth.

Embrace the Guidance of the Stars

Delve into your yearly horoscope, meticulously calculated using traditional Vedic Astrology techniques. Our astrology software tools are designed to decode the celestial patterns, offering clarity on your career, financial prospects, and health. Whether it’s exploring the influence of Saturn Transit or identifying the most auspicious gemstone for your well-being, our astrological services are tailored to your unique cosmic blueprint.

About JTR Astrological Research Institute

Mission: Our mission at the JTR Astrological Research Institute is to advance the field of astrology through dedicated research, education, and consultation services. We believe in empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and navigate life’s complexities with clarity and grace


Conducts groundbreaking research to expand understanding of celestial phenomena.


Offers comprehensive courses and workshops to educate and empower enthusiasts and aspiring astrologers.

Consultation Services

Provides personalized consultations to help individuals navigate life's challenges and unlock their full potential.

About Us
About Nadi Astrology

Ancient Wisdom

Nadi Astrology, originating from Rishi Bhrigu, is a unique branch of Hindu astrology deeply rooted in ancient wisdom.

Comprehensive Predictions

It offers exhaustive formulations for life events applicable to all horoscopes alike, covering aspects like education, health, marriage, career, and more.

Precise Timing

Utilizes ancient techniques like Vimshottari Dasa and planetary transits to predict the timing of events with remarkable precision.

Personalized Consultations

Provides specific answers to seekers' questions and offers remedies to mitigate negative influences or enhance positive aspects of life.

Our Expertise
Why Nadi Astrology


Team consists of seasoned astrologers and researchers with a deep passion for the field.


Committed to providing accurate and insightful astrological analyses backed by rigorous research.


Adheres to the highest ethical standards, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and respect for clients' privacy.

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Invites individuals from all walks of life to join on a quest for knowledge, enlightenment, and self-discovery through astrology.


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