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Advance Predictive Course


Deposit : 5,000 As Booking Amout.

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Starting on 30 June 2024, 5 Months Duration, Only on Sundays, 4 PM to 6 PM


Study of Numerology for predictive purpose

Nature of a person – Anxiety, depression, sentimental, drug addict, drunkard, Frustrated, Overconfident, Miser, Spendthrift, mismanaging funds, brand cautious etc.

Combination of a cheat and variety in it. Combination of a Conman

How to differentiate in combination of sex scandal and financial scandal.

How to differentiate combination of person under debts, bankruptcy, litigation when combination is same in Nadi Astrology.

Hindu Dasa System – Vimshottari Dasa, Mahadasa, Antar Dasa, Pratyantar Dasa, calculation of Dasa,Examples, Exercise.

Name Correction

Combinations of Billionaires.

Combinations of High end Actors and Actresses, stage performers.

Combinations of Leaders.

Combination of a Dictator

Combination of a person who will respect and serve parents even after marriage.

Combinations of Builders, people who will buy disputed property, people who will benefit from property.

People who will win in speculations, share market, casinos.

People who will good in management.

People who will have successful travels, unsuccessful travels. Timing to get Visas, PR, Green Card and settlement in foreign land.

True lover and Cheat in love.

Merging Numerology with Nadi Astrology for learning higher predictive techniques.

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