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Palmistry predictive course


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Starting on 15 June 2024, 6 Months Duration, Only on Saturdays, 4 PM to 6 PM

Panchtattva and its application to Human evolution

The shape of hands – Earth, Water, Fire and Air

Fingers – Jupiter (Hot water), Saturn (Earth), Sun (Fire), Mercury (Air) – Thumb (Space)

Mounts – Venus –Lower Mars –Upper Mars- Neptune Mount – Moon – Sun – Saturn –Jupiter – Mercury

Finger Prints – Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Mix, composite etc.

Major Lines – Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

Minor and Influence Lines – Griddle of Venus – Via Lasciva -Moon Line -Ambition Line – Sun line – Passion Line – Mercury Line – Mars line- Axe lines -Vertical lines & Horizontal Lines on Venus and Mars- Emotional Suffocation Lines – Relationship –Children – Medical Stigmata.

Predictive Techniques to calculate timing of event

Nails – Shape – Colour- Signs on it- Thickness

Signs –Star–Cross –Squares–Tridents-Triangle–Bars–Black spots–Solomon Ring- Grill-Temple etc.

Skin Patterns on Palm – Raja loop – Seriousness Loops – Bee etc.

Career & Academics– Self Discovery and Career Counselling

Compatibility – For Marriage – Friendship

Medical Palmistry-Depression- BP- IBS–Diabetes–Eye-Sight- Allergy– ENT-Lipid Profile-Metabolism–Problems to Conceive-Lungs & Respiratory etc

Travel and immigration

Litigations and other problems

Miscellaneous -Marriage – Compatibility – Divorce –Children possibilities –Sexual Behaviou –Infertility-Career- Different hands-Business-Services-Jobs – Traveling and Immigration – Health – Financial.

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