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Predictive Nadi Astrology


Deposit : 5,000 As Booking Amout.

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starting on 4 August 2024. Classes every Sunday 10 am to 12 noon for 6 months


Rules of “Nadi Astrology” – Ayanamsa, Nirayana Bhava Chalit, Casting Nirayana Bhav Chalit, Dasa, Sub lord, Aspects & Conjunctions, Position & Lordship of Planets, How to Judge a Planet, Strength of Planet, Cusps, Results of Planets, Timing of an Event, Transits of Planets, Negation of an event.

Education – Houses, Planets, Combination, No Education, No inclination for Education, Foreign Education, Scholarships, Success in Competition Exams & Interviews, Field of Education, Prizes or Awards, General, Illustrations.
Litigation – Houses, Planets, Combinations & Timing, Imprisonment, Causes of imprisonment, Political confinement, Going underground, House arrest, Kidnapping, Winning in litigation, Illustrations.

Property & Vehicle-Purchase of property, Houses, Planets, Combination & Timing of purchase of property, Transits, Purchase through Loan, Purchase in Installments, Location & Status of property, Commercial property, Construction of property, Rental income, Loss of property, Partition of property, Sale of property, Transits, Change of residence.

Purchase of vehicles – Houses, Facilitator House, Planet, Combination & Timing of purchase of vehicles, Transits, Purchase through loan, Gift of vehicle, Colour of vehicle, Luxury vehicle, Condition of vehicle, Commercial vehicle, Theft of vehicle, Non repayment of loan & Loss of vehicle, Sale of Vehicle, Transits, Illustration

Marriage – Timing of marriage, Plutonic love, physical love, scandalous love, love marriage, extra marital affair, Kundali Milan, Divorce, live in relationships, Manglik, Gun Milan.

Child birth – Timing of conceiving, pregnancy periods, Twin Birth, Adoption, Custody of children, gender of child.
Health – Timing of disease, good health and bad health combinations, combination of chronic disease and surgery, improvement in health. Type of disease.

Longevity – Timing, Death at the time of marriage and while going to pilgrimage.

Travel – Getting visa of developed countries like US, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. Getting PR, Work Visa and citizenship, Long Travel, coming back to motherland, Purpose of Travel.

Professional career – Getting a job, Change in job, transfer of job, Change to business and job and vice versa, Type of job or business, Job in foreign, Ups and downs in job/ business, getting a government job.

Prasna Jyotish – Answer to specific questions like which university is better for me? Which job is better for me x or y?
Answers to questions of the events which can happen on the same day.
Answers to mundane questions like when the war will end? Whether I will be able to see snow fall in Simla if I go this week?

Remedies – Vastu, Name correction, Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Graphology, Meditation, Yoga, Fasting, Daan, Pooja, Hawan, Going to pilgrimage etc.

Muhurat – Muhurat of marriage, Grah Pravesh etc.

Birth time correction

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